Action 4 of the Youth in Action programme provides grants to European youth organizations (which operate at European level and are based in at least 8 EU countries) and finances training courses, seminars, formation of networks of youth organisations to share good practice , improve the quality of projects, innovate and experiment in the field of youth policy and non-formal education.

The objective of Action 4 is to support the training of those working in the field of youth work and youth organizations, particularly youth leaders, educators, animators and counselors to continuously improve the quality of their work and projects carried out within the Youth in Action Programme. Therefore Action 4 promotes the exchange of experiences, expertise and good practice among those who work with young people, work on international mobility projects and use non-formal education.

Projects carried out with the support of Action 4 of the Youth programme can be of two types:

  • projects that promote exchanges, cooperation and training in the field of youth work, that is activitiesfor innovation and development of new skills, exchange of experiences, expertise and good practice;

  • projects that aim to develop further projects within the Youth in Action Programme, providing all participants the opportunity to plan new activities, partnerships, collaborations, and providing them with tools and all assistance necessary to improve the quality and ensure the success of the partnerships.


Action 4 of the Youth in Action programme grants financial assistance for the realization of one of the following 8 types of activities:

  • job shadowing, a practical learning experience where an operator “becomes the shadow” of his foreign colleague for a short period of time staying in his office to observe his working practice directly on the territory;

  • feasibility visit, a meeting of various organizations in which a representative of each organization participates in order to discuss and study the feasibility of a project idea;

  • evaluation meeting,, a meeting with partners aiming to evaluate a project, a meeting, an exchange, a training course or any other activity carried out together;

  • study visit, an organized study programme, for a short period, that offers a view of the youth work and youth organizations in one host country;

  • partnership-building activity,, an event organized to allow participants to meet new organisations and establish new partnerships;

  • seminar , an event organized to discuss and exchange experiences, theories and good practice on a chosen theme;

  • training course, an education programme for improvement of skills, competences, knowledge and capabilities of the participants, in the field of youth work and in particular Youth in Action Programme;

  • networking, the combination of a series of activities with the aim of creating new partnerships or of expanding existing ones within the Youth in Action Programme.