Location: Genova, Italy
Project dates: September 2017 – August 2018
Duration: 12 months
Applicants: 2 aged 18-30
Application deadline: 25th of January 2017
Hosting institution: Centro Storico Ragazzi

evsCentro Storico ragazzi is looking for two Volunteers. The Volunteers will be involved in activities at local level with children and adolescents. He/she will be involved in the following activities:

  • support in afterschool – activity/ oratory: open 5 days week, here we offer scholastic support, in particular concerning Italian language and culture. Due to its daily opening, it is also a place and a chance to analyze and try to solve youngsters’ difficulties;
  • presence within “Tutti a tavola”: canteen service for children and youngsters. The opportunity of eating together, in a cozy place, is the answer to the situation of many youngsters who join afternoon activities that cannot have lunch at home: together with a complete and healthy feeding, we offer a place for socialization and growth;
  • support in the organization and implementation of “Estate allegri!”: Summer camp activities offering educational and leisure time activities to children and youngsters also through short trips outside Genova. It is an important opportunity for youngsters who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to move outside their usual context;
  • support to “Lomellini sport”. It involves a male football team and a female volleyball team. Since 2014, a group of youngsters aged +18 has been entrusted of a support role in the management of the sport activities, with the double aim of making them feel responsible and providing them with small economical support;
  • Support to the organization of short trips, birthday parties with children and youngsters in the local area of historical city centre of Genova.

The ideal volunteer is a young person willing to take part in a project for the development and integration of an entire community in the center of a large Italian city. The EVS volunteer must be willing to collaborate on the education and training project of Centro Storico Ragazzi. Since this involves a delicate role in contact with young people that often come from complex family situations, the volunteer must be fitted with qualities such as tolerance, patience, firmness, creativity, and above all excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

The travel costs will be reimbursed up to a certain amount allocated by the European Commission; accommodation, food and tickets for the local transports are provided by the host organization. The volunteer will also receive pocket money monthly.

For candidature for this project please send an email including your CV with photo, motivation letter and this questionnaire filled in English, up to the 25th of January at [email protected]

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