Location: Mignanego (Genoa), Italy
Project dates: August 2016 – February 2017
Duration: 6 months
Applicants: aged 18-30
Application deadline: expired
Hosting institution: Mignanego Società Cooperativa Onlus

home europeanMignanego Cooperative Society is a no-profit cooperative of type A. It was founded in 1996 by a group of young women. The presence of a close-knit group of people has allowed a constant growth for the cooperative, both in terms of supply of services and quality of the very same ser- vices. The cooperative is engaged in the field of social work. Its initiatives are aimed to children, elderly people, people with disabilities, women victims of violence or in situations of hardship and migrants.
The Cooperative is now a stable and significant reality in the social fabric of the area in which operates, also due to the active collaboration with associations, public or private, and, more generally, with all entities involved in favor of citizenship and personal services. This cooperative put the person at the center of its different initiatives, with needs, rights and values in relation to the territory and its specific problems and resources. The primary task of the cooperative is the creation of specific initiatives which could better serve to the needs of users. The cooperative also promotes collaboration with public institutions, associations and individuals aimed to create an effective business network that increases the number and quality of human relations among people.

The project will take place in Mignanego, a small village in the outskirt of Genoa, in Liguria Region.
Mignanego villlage is composed by different communities, where the services offered by Cooperativa Mignanego are located. This will allow volunteers to interact with people from different ages.

The area is characterized by some critical points:
    • fragmentary nature of the context that results in difficult encounter and integration opportunities for local people;
    • local people, especially youngsters, have a weak sense of belonging to the area and low awareness of their own identity;
    • migrant population rate is about 4%;

Mignanego is quite far away from Genoa, where volunteers will live, but well served with public transports. Volunteers will live in Genoa, where they will have more opportunities to enjoy their free time and to encounter local youngsters.

Volunteers will be involved in different activities within the services offered by Cooperativa Mignanego.
    • scholastic support to children facing learning difficulties;
    • workshop activities in kindergarten, primary and secon- dary schools about gender-based discrimination prevention, violence and bullying prevention, intercultural learning;
    • information and support services for migrants;
    • administrative tasks and web of Cooperativa Mignanego activities;
    • entertainment activities for local community;

The travel costs will be reimbursed up to a certain amount allocated by the European Commission; accommodation and meals are provided by the host organization, volunteers will also receive pocket money monthly.

For candidature for this project please send an email including your CV with photo, motivation letter and the organization’s questionnaire, all in English language, up to the 1 September to [email protected]