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Voluntary service in Africa, Latin America, Asia or the Middle East with EVS? There are humanitarian organisations, voluntary associations, NGOs, social promotion associations that carry out projects outside Europe in collaboration with local organisations and who select volunteers from Italy for short and long-term (up to 12 months) projects in what looks very much like the international civil service, even though it is actually funded and guided by the same rules as the European Voluntary Service. If you want to experience volunteering in Africa or South America and are looking for a humanitarian organization, a mission, an association or a project to attend free of charge, in this section you will find projects, the notices of opening application processes and the opportunities to depart soon with the European Voluntary Service to destinations outside Europe: Africa, Asia or Latin America. Just like for EVS projects in Europe, also in this case it is possible to leave almost for free: food, accommodation, health insurance and monthly pocket fee are guaranteed. As in the international civil service even travel expenses are reimbursed, but not completely: in European Voluntary Service 90% of travel expenses are covered by the programme.


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