All non-profit organisations (NGOs, non-profit social utility organisations, associations for social promotion, voluntary associations) working in any of the fields: the social environment, from law to art, can be accredited to host foreign volunteers aged 18 to 30 years up to 12 months with EU funding to cover the full costs. JOINT can accompany you during all the steps and manage the organisation of the entire project. If you and your association are interested see further information below on how it works.

Hosting a European volunteer is a valuable resource for an organisation that works in the non-profit: interculturality, enthusiasm, innovation, projects design, exchange of ideas are some of the elements that EVS provides. This European Union programme, created to enable young people to do volunteer experiences abroad at no cost, highlights among its objectives a very important advantage, that the young person will contribute to the host community with her activities.

Joint, which has worked with EVS sending and hosting volunteers from abroad for years, encouraged by the successful collaboration with two associations in the role of EVS coordinator, Casa per la Pace (House for Peace) (Milan) and Panta Rei (Passignano, PR ) is available to help organisations that recognize the value of one or more foreign volunteers, whether European or non-European. It would provide a stimulus to the growth and enrichment of the activities of organisations interested in hosting EVS volunteers. Joint is committed to provide service, together with the representatives of the association, using its expertise and know-how, managing both the initial phase of accreditation by the National Agency for Youth and all subsequent steps: from writing the project to the selection of the volunteer, the training of members of the organisation and mentoring volunteers for the duration of the project. In this way Joint aims not only to take on the tasks that the association cannot handle due to lack of time, resources and knowledge, but also to train the same and allow them to acquire all of the tools that can serve them in the future, if they so wish, to host an EVS project independently.

It is important to know that to host an EVS volunteer with the support of Joint entails no extra costs to the funding that is received for approval of the project, since all expenses of the volunteer are covered: 90% of the return flight, accommodation, food, local transportation, language training, AXA insurance.

JOINT preferably collaborates with organisations that already have experience in the voluntary sector, not necessarily international, but who have aptitude for management and integration of volunteers in their staff, and who have, within their own structure or otherwise located on the adjacentterritory, structures where they can accommodate volunteers.

It is important to point out that planning together and in advance a European Voluntary Service project is central to its success, keeping in mind the fact that the response times of the National Youth Agency aren’t short. We therefore invite the associations interested, or those that have already decided to host young volunteers, to get in touch with us well in advance in order to understand together what are the steps to follow so as to prepare a host project.

Organisations that are interested in EVS can register for a first informative interview by filling out the form below with their details or writing to [email protected] to see if hosting volunteers in their organisation is the right choice, what advantages and difficulties are included, how much time passes between the application for accreditation and the arrival of the volunteer.

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