Stories of the experiences of international volunteering are important to understand how European Voluntary Service functions in practice, what are the emotions you might feel, what are the most common situations that arise, such as the most frequent problems to solve, and in short all those things you discover only by experiencing international volunteering such as EVS. The life of an international volunteer is in fact very different from that of an Erasmus student and is more similar to that of an international civil service volunteer: the volunteer is placed inside the working environment of the non-profit volunteer association / organisation that hosts him, he learns the language, makes friendships and integrates in the local community that hosts it. Experiences of those who have already taken part in EVS are very useful, especially for those approaching EVS for the first time and that have never before participated in international volunteer projects or international civil service, so we advise everyone to read them in order to learn from the experiences of others, so as toavoid mistakes that others have committed, and to be better prepared to deal with certain situations that occur sooner or later to an international volunteer during a misson abroad for a medium-term period.

If you are a volunteer who has already taken part in the European Voluntary Service or the International Civil Service you can contribute with your experience, photos and videos or stories through the Tell us Your Story section.