Location: Rovaniemi, Finland
Who: 6 volunteers from all countries 
Duration: from  August 2018 to August 2019
Hosting institution: Lapin Liikunta ry
Application deadline: 29/03/2018
Lapin Liikunta (LapLi) is an expert in physical education in Lapland. We get children and adults moving to sporting events and sports camps. We educate people who work with children, club operators and workplaces to get others moving and help them to develop their activities to be more effective. We advocate exercise to policy-makers. For us, exercise is a way of life!
The most important target groups of LapLi are children, youth and the people who get them moving: adults, workplaces and sports clubs.

The volunteers, coordinated and supported by the staff, will participate in these activities:

  • coaching, 
  • making exercise plans,
  • get to know Finnish traditional sports
  • planning and taking part in sporting events and tournaments.

The profile of the ideal volunteer is:

  • you should be interested in sport orientated work 
  • you should be interested in planning sport orientated events and projects 
  • you should be dedicated and creative (music, sport, games, dance etc.) 
  • you should be sociable, friendly, patient and open-minded
  • you should be willing to learn new skills (interests in different sports and coaching)
  • you should be curious and interested in Finnish culture

The travel costs will be reimbursed up to a certain amount allocated by the European Commission; accommodation and food are provided by the host organization. The volunteer will also receive pocket money monthly.

To apply for this project, please click on “Apply now”, attach your CV with photo, and a motivational letter in English.