Location: Bordano (Udine), Italy
Who: 2 volunteers
Duration: 15 March– 15 November 2019, 9 months
Hosting institution: Farfalle nella Testa
Application deadline: 28th of February

Farfalle nella Testa is looking for 2 volunteers. Here you can download the infopack of the project. The volunteers will be involved in the management of the Butterfly House and in the environmental education activities as follows:
  • participation in the conception, planning and realization of such events;
  • support during guided tours, educational workshops and events organized especially during the summer season (hikes, theme days etc.);
  • creation and realization of activities, events or workshops: after an initial phase of adaptation, the volunteers will be encouraged and supported to enrich the Butterfly House with their ideas and experiences;
  • assistance to the staff during the ordinary and extraordinary management of the Butterfly House: management and maintenance of tropical greenhouses and more in general of the museum structure;
  • help during the breeding and care of insects and other invertebrates and vertebrates;
  • assistance to the staff for the care of plants and outdoor gardening activities;
  • participation in staff meetings and specific meetings on various aspects.
The planning of these activities and the assignment of specific tasks will always be closely connected with the preparation and the interests of the volunteers, so that everyone can find space for their own ideas and their own spirit of initiative.
The profile of an ideal volunteer is:
  • is a nature and animals lover;
  • has a willingness to work in a group and in contact with the public, especially with children;
  • is willing to do manual work and get their hands dirty;
  • is ready and interested in spending a prolonged period of time in a small town located in a valley between the Carnic Pre-Alps and the Julian Alps;
  • is a curious person, who asks questions and is capable of making constructive criticism and self-criticism.
Will be positively evaluated:
    • scientific background and previous experiences in the field of environmental education and/or gardening, horticulture and agriculture;
    • artistic skills in particular in the theatrical/acting field;
    • experience in the organization of public, tourist and recreational events.

The travel expenses will be reimbursed on the bases defined by European Commition; accommodation and meals are provided by the host organization. The volunteers will also receive pocket money monthly.

For candidature for this project please click on Apply now, attached your CV and this fulfilled form in English and your picture. Associazione Joint will contact only the shortlisted candidates for arrange a Skype interview.