Location: Milan, Italy
Period: October 2020  – October 2021
Duration: 12 Months
Profile: candidates aged 18 to 30 years old from all EU countries
Application deadline: as soon as possible

Male teacher evs


European volunteering in Milan, Italy

IRDA Center is en educational youth center based in Milan. It was born with the aim of promoting the social integration of young people and to help them discover their abilities. All of this is made possible thanks to the work of qualified educators that organise artistic workshops, recreational and sport activities and school support. More information about the project available at the following infopack.

The IRDA Center is looking for 2 volunteers for 12 months. The volunteers will have the following tasks:

  • After-school activities with children and youngsters (homework, study, prepare final exams);
  • Support in creative, artistic and cultural workshops with children and youngsters (ecology, web radio, juggling, video making, rap,  painting);
  • Help and participate in sport activities, as tournaments and trainings (basket, soccer, breakdance, volley, dance);
  • Support in organizing and managing of evening activities for youngsters (about two times a month);
  • Help in daily routine (eg. to shop for the activities, prepare materials, draw, tidy up…);
  • Support in organizing and managing of summer activities for children and kids (workshops, day trips, homeworks…);
  • Contribute to development of new ideas in order to involve young volunteers through intercultural events, like regional and international dinners;
  • Support in organizing and managing of the group trips and holidays;
  • Promote international volunteering among young people, encouraging kids to volunteer;
  • Support in communication, designing flyers to inform and involve young people;
  • Help to produce documentation of activities,taking photograps, making videos and editing;
  • Take part in educational events against racism and religious discrimination, against bullying and cyberbullysm, about human rights, ecology, gender equality, anti-mafia…

To apply for this offer, the following criterias are necessary:

  • be open minded;
  • positive actitude;
  • flexibility to adapt to possible changes;
  • initiative, creativity and respect;
  • patient with children;
  • motivated to work with youngsters;
  • motivation and determination to learn more;
  • communicative and sociable;
  • interest in ESC, Erasmus+ and their promotion.

Travel expenses are reimbursed on the basis of a kilometer package. The cost of food, accommodation, transport and language courses are covered by the program.

You can apply by sending us your Curriculum Vitae and a cover letter (all in English) where you will explain your motivation to become a volunteer for this project.