Location: Sciacca, Italy
Who: 4 volunteers between 18 and 30 years old
Duration: January 2019 – January 2020, 12 months
Hosting institution: Istituto Walden
Application deadline: as soon as possible
European Voluntary Service Czech Republic non-formal education
Istituto Walden is looking for 4 Volunteers. The Volunteers will be supporting the educators in carrying out of the following activities:
  • afterschool activities (homework, lessons of foreign language, laboratory teaching);
  • clown-recreational workshops: cooking, theatre and music, art-attack;
  • linguistic workshop in mother tongue of the volunteers;
  • organization of the volunteers: carnevals, Christmas, Easter etc;
  • management of daily life in the community or in the halfway house: preparation of food, cleaning of the rooms and common areas, personal cleaning of children;
  • accompaniment of users to: doctors, hospitals, gyms, swimming pools, trips, sea etc.
Here you can download the info pack of the project.

The profile of the ideal volunteer is:

  • motivated to work with kids and women that come from different social backgrounds, victimes of abuse and bad treatments;
  • has a strong respect of the rules, patient and creative in order to develop the activities requested by the organization; be a determinative person, positive and open to make proposals;
  • has a good predisposition to be flexible and knows how to manage with working hours which are divided in various activities, and to know how to collaborate with educators during the eventual emergencies;
  • open to understand the process of learning and the rules of co-living in a structure;
  • proactive with the capacity of managment of the emergencies;
  • has the capacities of programming, organization and managment of the programmed activities;
  • open to learn new educational models for problem solving.

The travel expenses will be reimbursed on the bases defined by European Commition; accommodation and meals are provided by the host organization. The volunteers will also receive pocket money monthly.

For candidature for this project please click on Apply now, attached your CV and this fulfilled form in English and your picture. Associazione Joint will contact only the shortlisted candidates for arrange a Skype interview.