Location: Genova, Italy
Who: 2 volunteers between 18 and 30 years old
Duration: from as soon as posssible – 11 months
Hosting institution: La Comunità Cooperativa Sociale Onlus
Application deadline: as soon as possible
The Cooperative La Comunità is a social enterprise active in Genoa since 1979 in the field of educational activities to combat and prevent minors’ distress and sustain fragile families through the design and management of socio educational, animation and cultural services.
Concerning high threshold services for minors, La Comunità has two different kinds of services:
Daily educational centre (Comunità Educativa a ciclo diurno – CED) and socio-educational centres (Centro Socio Educativi – CSDE).
CED is a semi-residential service offering daily hospitality for minors living in complex and high-risk contexts, for those it is possible to perform safeguard action also at home because parents, despite having great difficulties, maintain a highly significant relation with children and are available to undertake a process of parental capacity empowerment. CED usually hosts children living in the nearby who are having personal, relational, behavioural and developing problems; who are in need of individual educational interventions; who are placed in complex family and social situations, with high educational distress but not requiring removal from the family; whose families are available to undertake a process for parental capacities empowerment. CSDE works in a high risk area, trying to avoid the breaking of family ties and to reconstruct, sustain and develop all relationships involving the minors, so to invert the tendency towards marginalization. Through daily educational action, it provides special and flexible tools able to accompany the minor and his/her family also through temporary crisis.
Volunteers will either be involved in all structures or in one/two, according to the number of minors hosted at the moment of the service and to volunteers’ attitude. 
Examples of daily activities of volunteers, include:
    • recreational activities for children and adolescents such as games, and workshops;
    • scholastic and linguistic support for children and adolescents;
  • overall support to children, adolescents and staff members in the daily activities such as pedagogical support, short trips and visits, sport activities, taking care of the common spaces and sharing meals.

The ideal volunteer is autonomous, mature and responsible, open to share and meet other people and, above all, motivated to join our activities. Volunteer should be aware of its extremely important role in the centre and available to cooperate to the educative and training process of La Comunità. Since this involves a delicate role in contact with young people that often come from complex family situations, the volunteer must be fitted with qualities such as tolerance, patience, firmness, creativity, and above all excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

The travel expenses will be reimbursed on the bases defined by European Commition; accommodation and meals are provided by the host organization. The volunteers will also receive pocket money monthly.

For candidature for this project please click on Apply now, attached your CV and this fulfilled form in English and your picture. Associazione P.E.CO will contact only the shortlisted candidates for arrange a Skype interview.