Where can you find more opportunities?

Are you a youngster looking for international mobility opportunities? Then we can suggest our partner website.

On our website, you’ll find all the available EVS opportunities for young Europeans. EVS is not the only program you can participate in, to travel, to discover and boost your knowledge.

The new European Youth Portal is www.youthforeurope.eu;

What can I find on Youthforeurope?

The new European Youth Portal is dedicated to displaying all the opportunities for young Europeans, you will find Youth Exchanges calls, the new European Solidarity Corps (ESC) opportunities, Erasmus Traineeship, Internships calls, Job Offers, Au Pair programs and much more.

How to use Youthforeurope?

The new European Youth Portal is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is to connect to youthforeurope.eu and check out on the map for the available opportunities present at that moment on the portal.

If you prefer you can just navigate through all the filter you’ll find on the top of the page and choose the opportunity it matches the best your needs and expectations. Here you can select Youth Exchanges, European Solidarity Corps, Internships, Job offersErasmus Traineeship, and Au Pair programs.

To apply for any offer you will find on the new European Youth Portal you’ll need to visit the offer you’re interested in and apply for it through the form you’ll find into the offer. That’s it. The hosting association will check your application and, if you’re qualified for that call, they will contact you back to join them.

I work for a Youth Association, can I upload my call?

Yes, you can. If you work or collaborate for a Youth Organisation and you want to promote your call on the European Youth Portal you can do it for free.

How to do so?

Again, is very easy and completely free.

If you want to promote your Youth Exchange call, your European Solidarity Corp project, your Internship call, an Erasmus Traineeship opportunity or any Job offer you may have, the only thing you need to do is to upload your project by clicking “Add Listing” on the top right part of the website. You will find an online form that will guide you through the publication. You’ll be asked to register the website and to subscribe to the Yout Network for free.