How do I find sending organizations in my state/region?

-The fastest way is to use the European database of accredited EVS organizations. Choosing the country: Italy, type of accreditation: sending, all organizations in Italy that can enter into an EVS partnership and send volunteers abroad are listed…

I’m from Naples, can I have JOINT as my sending organization?

-We advise you to find a sending in your area to save time and money. Before leaving for EVS you must make several preparatory meetings, pre-departure training, paperwork, such as signing the contract, signing insurance etc.

I want to have Joint Association as my sending organization, what do I do?

-If you want to have Joint Association as your Sending Organisation you need to fill out this form online and then contact us at the following address [email protected].

How do I use the European database?

– The search can be done by country or by type of activity (also both). Always remember to choose hosting as a type of accreditation. Other search terms, such as inclusion, EI (accreditation code) are less important. Each project is identified by: EI ref – a code that refers to the date of accreditation and its renewal; the project theme and often the second theme (complementary); approval date/Validity date indicate the validity of accreditation and have nothing to do with the dates of the project. The European database contains general descriptions of the projects, without the details that refer to the duration, start and end times for hosting the volunteers. For all specific information you have to contact the hosting organization directly; inclusion (specifies categories with fewer opportunities, those who belong to these categories may be favored in the selection process). Each project form contains: a brief description of the project and the host organization; a description of the tasks of the volunteers; a description of the target group; useful addresses to contact the host organization.

Which language am I supposed to write the application in?

– You must follow the instructions from the advertisement. If the selection is made by the sending organization usually they ask you to write in Italian. If it is the host organizations that is making the selection then you are usually supposed to use English. However, if you are applying to one of the organizations identified through the European database use English or the language of that country.

I know an organization in Spain that I would like to do EVS with, but they are not accredited. What do I do?

-You could propose to this organization the possibility to accredited. If they do not know what to do, they can contact the National Agency or other organizations expert in EVS in the area. Some organizations act also as coordinating bodies for other hosting organizations dealing with the administration of the project (selection of volunteers, the bureaucratic part of the project, training of volunteers, insurance practices, etc.).

I would like to do EVS in Tenerife, but I can’t find an accredited organization from Tenerife in the EU database.

-You can contact the National Agency of the Youth in Action Programme in Spain and ask if they are working on accreditation for Tenerife.

Where can I find projects outside Europe?

-It’s difficult to find projects outside Europe as the Youth in Action Programme is European. There is no database for projects outside Europe. So you have to ask for information directly from accredited sending organizations if they are involved in projects or have the intention to work on projects with partners outside Europe. Projects outside Europe are few for two main reasons: – they are more complex as far as organization (difficult to find good partners, obligation of obtaining visas and residence permits, costs are higher in relation to European projects); – they are more complex in the administrative sense: they have to be presented to the ‘Executive Agency in Brussels – central entity that manages the programme (see the table with differences between projects in and outside Europe).

What are the differences between projects in and outside of Europe?

-Each European country has its own National Agency, which is the national organisation that assists European Commission in the management of funds allocated to the country for projects in all five actions of the Youth in Action Programme. National agencies are also responsible for the promotion of the opportunities of the programme, training of the participants and the staff of the organisations involved. As for the EVS, the National Agencies are responsible for: accreditation of the organisations; monitoring of projects, on-arrival training and mid-term evaluation of foreign volunteers hosted; mediation between the volunteers and their host organisations in case of conflict; etc.. Outside Europe hosting organizations have no institutional support and are not controlled in any way. The coordinating organisation – European partner – takes on the full responsibility for the project and its success.

Can I work during my EVS service?

-EVS is a full-time voluntary service and provides the volunteer with: accommodation, food, insurance, monthly allowance, language training, support and mentoring provided by the host organization. All this is provided to volunteers in order to give them time and space to devote themselves to the work done by the host organization, integrate with the local community, learn the language and culture of the host country. Taking advantage of this support to engage in paid work goes against the rules and the philosophy of EVS.

Who finances EVS?

-European Voluntary Service is a part of the EU Youth in Action programme (managed by the European Commission). The Youth in Action Programme is an instrument of support and funding for projects that promote non-formal education, intercultural learning, solidarity and international mobility of young people.

How come it is possible to find organizations from Azerbaijan in the European database?

-Eastern Partnership Youth Window was opened in 2012 in order to increase the number of Youth in Action projects and participants from the 6 partner countries from the Eastern Partnership: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Accreditation requirement for organizations from these countries was also introduced.