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Travel Tips: Six good reasons to dare volunteering

Personal ArticleWhen you are young, graduated and eager to make new experiences, travel seem like an obvious path.

But for those who lack organization, those who are not ready to cross the world all alone, those that mass tourism does not interest … volunteering can be seen as a good alternative.

To be a volunteer is to engage ourselves, for a determined period, in a cause which we believe in, and which is close to our heart.

So if you are just a step away from making the jump, keep reading, here are the 6 good reasons to embark on the adventure.

1. Volunteering as an healthy cure

It is well known that traveling abroad takes us away from our daily problems, allows us to relax and to be disconnected for a few weeks.

However, in addition to that, recent studies have shown that people enrolled in a volunteer program have a healthier heart, a stronger immune system, and less risk of suffering from chronic diseases. They would also be better protected against addictions and addictions.

Natural and pleasant, we wouldn’t have thought about volunteering as a cure.

2. Volunteering as an economical way to visit dream destinations

Some organizations offer candidates to volunteer abroad. Even if you are not paid, this project can be a great opportunity to discover several countries in an original way.

Also, volunteer organizations are most of the time non-profit associations. So the projects you will enroll in, will often be financially accessible. Generally, the costs covered by the registration are reduced to the maximum and includes the accommodation, the transports, the food and the pocket money.

So it’s finally possible to cross the world without breaking the bank!

3. Volunteering as a different way to travel

It is well known that tourists on a journey often have to get satisfied with the visit of the most famous monuments, while staying with their compatriots, and then leaving as quickly as they came.

Even when you are eager to take more alternative roads, it is sometimes difficult to find truly typical places when you do not know the country or the language well enough.

But volunteering allows us to discover places you would not otherwise have discovered. Why ? Because voluntary projects offer a reassuring structure supervised by a competent staff. In this protective framework, we dare to do more …

Going alone in Costa Rica? Guarding a wild beach in Fiji? Becoming a forest ranger in a nature reserve in Tanzania? Everything becomes possible.

And few tourists can do the same!

4. Volunteering as a personal development booster

Volunteering overseas would be an effective method for personal development, according to the feedback of many international volunteers; it is a step not to miss to evolve as a person.

This is because volunteers, working in a foreign country, are aware of the challenges facing the world. This awareness brings them a great personal change. On their return, they become more conscientious, more courageous, more adventurous and even more independent.

5. Volunteering as a way to enrich your CV

Engaging in volunteering demonstrates a certain openness, strength of character, ability to manage your budget, a sense of commitment and self-giving.

Each association offers us different programs and allows us to develop specific skills. In addition to this new knowledge, volunteering allows us to develop social and communicative capacities that we would not have thought of before committing ourselves.

In addition, many organizations offer diplomas and qualifications that can be added on their resume. Ideal for those who do not yet have much experience and want to enrich their resume.

Qualities that will leave no employer indifferent!

6. Why not?

And Why not Now?

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